About Us

Image of a beautiful lake.

Welcome to RecVets!

We are old time outdoor junkies that has spent our days fishing and kayaking all over the country. Our small team consists of Carl and Anders. Both fun loving people eager to share our experiances and thoughts on everything we can think of.

The mission we’ve set upon ourself is to provide an in depth resource on everything that has to do with outdoor recreations.

We are both fishermen and kayakers at heart! But to widen the audience we will take on professionals and hobbyists from other outdoor activities to share their tips and tricks, along with our own.

Browsing through our website you’ll come across a lot of reviews of equipment and gear. As well as guides, tips & trick, and other informational articles. This is because having the know-how and the correct gear will be the difference between an awesome and a bad experience!

That’s why we take the help from others to write reviews and content along side us. To give insight into the world of outdoor recreation from people with different experiences, which we believe provides the most value to our readers!

As of now we focus on these categories

Fishing: Fishing is one of our absolute favourite hobbies! We’ve been fishing for several years all over this country so we know what we’re talking about.

Our goal is to provide content that will prove valueable for both experienced anglers and beginners. Be that with a review of the best bass lures or with an artcle on how we tie our rigs.

Kayaking: There are few things as relaxing as taking your kayak for a paddle on a calm lake. We love kayaking and usually spend parts of the year on kayaking trips.

The sport is so easy to get into, and even if you can’t go for a high-end touring kayak right away you can always begin with a cheaper one and work your way up.

We want to bring more people into kayaking and will try and do that by providing value to our readers so they can share with friends and maybe, add a new kayaker to the world.