Useful Resources

Image of a lake and a mountain

Here we’ve listed a bunch of websites about fishing and kayaking that we feel deserves a shoutout.
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Kayaking: One of the best paddling resources on the internet. Along with a shop with most of the gear you’d be interested in, they also have a great archive of guides and other informational articles. New to paddling and need to learn some techniques? This is the place to go. They’ve got step by step guides on all the needed paddling and rolling techniques along with some great visuals to make it easier to understand.


Lake-Link: The Midwest’s largest site dedicated to fishing! Lake-Link provides fishing reports, topographical maps, a lake database, message boards, articles, fishing tips and tactics, moon charts, and much more! An amazing resource for everything that has to do with fishing! They’ve got a giant archive of information on all the species you can come across, as well as guides for both beginners and experienced fishermen. Along with this they also have an interactive map on their website which you can use to find fishing spots in the U.S.

Fishing Tips Depot: If you’re looking to try something new in fishing make sure to check out Fishing Tips Depot. They’ve got a great archive of tips for many species and all types of fishing you can think of.

Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center: Orvis is a big name in fly fishing and along with their great gear, they’ve also put together an extensive site for learning. If you’re into fly fishing this is an amazing resource and you should really check it out!